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Welcome to Wild Horse Martial Arts!  We offer martial arts instruction for all ages and abilities. The “Kids” class is really a family class and parents are welcome to train with their children!


The purpose of Wild Horse Martial Arts is to develop the whole person: mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.  Physical benefits are the most obvious and include flexibility, endurance, strength and general better health.  Mental benefits include self-confidence, self-esteem and memorization.  Spiritual growth is encouraged but not required.  Socially, students will develop respect, character, team-work and leadership.  

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art. We teach punches, blocks and kicks.  Self-defense techniques are also a part of the curriculum, and board-breaking is part of the testing procedure. 


Improve fitness, lose weight, increase flexibility

Learn self-defense

Build self-esteem and confidence

Improve focus

Develop self-discipline

Respect for others

Benefits of Training include



Instructor Mr. Ken Claflin started training in 1998 for fitness and self-defense.  He earned his Black Belt in 2003 and received his 4th degree Black Belt in 2016. 


Ken Claflin


570-406-9079  | revkenclaflin@yahoo.com

612 Easton Tpke, Lake Ariel, PA 18436



Telephone: 570-406-9079    Email: revkenclaflin@yahoo.com

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